Okay. At this point, I’m just going to get back into a flow on this, making sure it doesn’t get abandoned, even if it’s just screaming into the silence.

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Sweet Christ

Okay! The nightmare is over! I might actually start making use of this space now! Not sure what to do yet. Feeling like more of a theme park bend. But I still have the Steam Keys to dump…

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I’m still active. I’m still sitting on a lot of codes. Not sure what’ll happen anytime soon. But I just wanted to post just in case my site getting hammered by Eastern European spam bots were only doing it because my site said that I hadn’t posted recently.

I hate spam bots. I also hate how there’s no decent system to handle it. This has happened multiple times over the years, and it ruins my systems. They’re hammering the xmlrpc.php file, can’t find it, and retry OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again.

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Steam Giveaways

I’m not forgetting about that. I’m still sitting on 300+ keys from different sources. I’ll get trivia thrown together and a way to post ’em all.

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Bannon Out

Well, that’s progress.

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Back to the old theme. Okay. I guess I should probably justify paying for this domain more than just basic file hosting that I could get for free elsewhere.

Man, I love this old theme.

I’ll get some links and put up some more photos again, soon.

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I probably should post more. Maybe? Are blogs still a thing?


Anyway, I do need to dump a lot of Steam codes, and Twitter assholes claim shit without thanking me, so I’ll probably be relegated to another giveaway on this site again in a month or so.

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It’s that time of year again where I purge my accumulated game codes.

This time around the stockpile is past 150 codes. A few weeks ago I spent TWO WHOLE DAYS going through all of my bundle purchases on various sites and wouldn’t you know it, a ton of the Greenlight games got greenlit and had keys!

Anyways, after adding dozens to my own account, I kept track of all the others I didn’t. So you win!

Now, there’s a bit of a difference this time, though. A while ago, Humble Bundle (And Indie Gala) changed their code redemption methods. Because so many people were buying these bundles en masse, they simply got codes they could resell to people. So they instituted a method that requires you to click on a link to their site and it will link to your Steam Account.

As usual, my codes will be wrapped in trivia. For two reasons. Primarily, it’s to prevent straight copy-pasting of codes, and give a bit of randomness to it. And secondarily, it’s also so that the non-gamers that follow me won’t be as annoyed.

Anyways, because of Twitter character limits, and repeating myself, I will be tweeting links back to this periodically as a reference.



Starting at NOON PDT on Wednesday, October 29th and ending at Midnight PST, Sunday, November 9th, the codes will be tweeted every hour on the hour from 9AM to 9PM every day. I’ll be sure to indicate in the tweet if it’s a straight code, or for Humble or IndieGala.


Indie Gala Code Rules:

Indie Gala Steam code drops are hexadecimal codes. The letters are case sensitive and all lowercase.

The URL prefix is:

This needs to go before EVERY code.


Humble Bundle Code Rules:

The Humble Bundle Steam code drops are A-Z, a-z and 0-9. They are also case sensitive. All the missing letters are lowercase.

The URL prefix is:

This needs to go before EVERY code.


Outside of that, Desura, GOG and Steam codes are just reserved where they normally are.


I fully expect dozens of you people to constantly say the codes were taken, or how to put in the code, or that you don’t get the hint. Oh well. More for people who know what’s going on.


Good luck! I’ll be using the old corny hashtag of #Glassaway

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Alright. Going to try taking this more seriously in the days to come.

No more weird ass HTML redirect.

I’ll kick it off with some Steam codes or something.

The Journey Down Ch. 1: 4ZNXI-R4Q69-X5G?? <- Last two are the same letters

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Beefed up security

Hopefully this will clean up a lot of junk around the access logs. Still trying to get it all setup.

Contest soon!

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