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Author Archives: Chris Glass

Steam Giveaways

I’m not forgetting about that. I’m still sitting on 300+ keys from different sources. I’ll get trivia thrown together and a way to post ’em all.

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Bannon Out

Well, that’s progress.

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Back to the old theme. Okay. I guess I should probably justify paying for this domain more than just basic file hosting that I could get for free elsewhere. Man, I love this old theme. I’ll get some links and put up some more photos again, soon.

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I probably should post more. Maybe? Are blogs still a thing?   Anyway, I do need to dump a lot of Steam codes, and Twitter assholes claim shit without thanking me, so I’ll probably be relegated to another giveaway on this site again in a month or so.

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It’s that time of year again where I purge my accumulated game codes. This time around the stockpile is past 150 codes. A few weeks ago I spent TWO WHOLE DAYS going through all of my bundle purchases on various sites and wouldn’t you know it, a ton of the Greenlight games got greenlit and … Continue reading »

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Alright. Going to try taking this more seriously in the days to come. No more weird ass HTML redirect. I’ll kick it off with some Steam codes or something. The Journey Down Ch. 1: 4ZNXI-R4Q69-X5G?? <- Last two are the same letters

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Beefed up security

Hopefully this will clean up a lot of junk around the access logs. Still trying to get it all setup. Contest soon!

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I really wish I knew what I was doing

Testing this kind of setup.

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